About Me

Dr. Joseph DelGrosso, East Rochester, NYAbout Dr. DelGrosso

Dr. Joseph DelGrosso received his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.  He also holds a bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Oneonta State College at New York, where he received the distinction of most outstanding dietetic student and graduated with honors.  He completed his dietetic internship at Queens College, New York, and maintains status as a Registered Dietitian and licensed Naturopathic Physician.

Dr. DelGrosso has always been passionate about health, performance, and well-being.  Initially he became interested as a high school athlete, reading whatever he could get his hands on regarding optimizing performance.  These included everything from books, PubMed, online forums, and word of mouth.  Eventually, he made the connection between performance and health.  Essentially, taking care of ones body inevitably resulted in improvements in structure and function across the board.  It now made sense that the same ingredients of healthy living that correlated with better performance would generally carry over to better health outcomes.  It wasn’t necessary to have one or the other.

Since that time he has actively sought activities and training that would help develop his understanding of human health.  Initially trained as a dietitian, he was excited to utilize diet as a primary modality for making people feel better.  Still, there were limitations.  Advanced knowledge of pathology, disease, pharmacology, and other non-invasive tools for getting better were missing.  Meeting and working with a Naturopathic Doctor during this time, Eliot Edwards, gave him a glimpse into a profession where one wasn’t bound by diet alone.  It was this concept of being able to encompass a better understanding of health, while also possessing more tools to help people get there, that eventually led him to Naturopathic Medicine.